Give players the power,
to make a difference

With a focus on the players, Positive Football® acts as an initiator, catalyst, promoter and contributor to make football more open to society and more committed to social action.

Le métier de football change !

Players make a commitment

The influence and responsibility of the footballers go beyond the pitch.

20% of French professional players are already committed to one cause or another.
60% of those who are not would be willing to join a cause or to create their own association.
And 55% are waiting for guidance with the creation of their projects.

For many players, making a commitment to society is essential.
Being guided and supported in their initiatives is a real need.

Think & act

Positive Football® is at once :
. A think tank: it analyses, conveys and structures a positive vision of football.
. A movement in action: it brings players together with the skills and expertise needed to make a real difference for the society.

De l'ambition avec positive football

A movement that thinks and influences


The Commitee

Renowned personalities with a vast range of different areas of expertise to fuel reflection & boost the impact of the movement: sociologists, economists, politicians, media personalities, NGOs, etc.


The Forum

Annual meeting where all the contributors of the movement come together to provide information (studies & barometers) and generate debate & ideas.


The Awards

Benefit evening to raise money for partner associations. A highlight of this evening is the “Positive Football Awards” to showcase the best initiatives.


The Media

Site & social media platforms; main media sources for the Positive Football movement featuring authentic content, to guarantee that the movement has an impact on society.

Players' projects

Positive Football® is there to benefit the players, putting forward ideas and facilitating action, in order to support their commitment and boost their impact. The movement provides support for each player in his commitment to society, whatever his status, background, the nature of his project or his ability to take action:
. Help to design tailor-made projects,
. Support in structuring and carrying out large-scale operations,
. Assistance with publicity and promotion to ensure visibility to player’s actions.

Positive football, c'est un mouvement qui pense et agit
L'accompagnement du mouvement positive football

Support strategic causes

Positive Football® will also soon initiate ambitious projects based on current social issues, through which the players can really make a huge difference. Alongside recognised partners, such as UNESCO, Positive Planet (Jacques Attali Foundation), or Premiers de Cordée association, Positive Football© will focus its commitment on themes such as support for sick children and children with disabilities, the emancipation of women around the world through football, starting up businesses in priority neighbourhoods, and many other social issues.

The first achievements and the Positive Football® media platform will be unveiled soon!

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