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From players to society.

Because of who they are and what they represent, footballers have the power to impact society in a positive way. They are driven by the will to take action and commit themselves to good. That’s why Positive Football® supports and develops all their initiatives and helps bring them to success.

Le caractère positif du football

Positive Football

embodies everything positive about football

Give greater impact & visibility to players actions.

Guide them in all their efforts, help them carry out their projects and commit themselves fully.

Federate the players, the public, and all the goodwills to work together on meaningful projects that will benefit society.

Strive to go further, helping others and ensuring that football players contribute actively to society & are inspiring role models for young people.

Sylvain Kastendeuch, co-président UNFP

“We set out to create more than just a programme to benefit society, we wanted to start a truly inclusive & universal movement that would be sufficiently varied and dynamic to bring people together, to allow everyone to find their place, play their own role and take action in its name. Driven by a constructive vision of football as a means for social progress, Positive Football® thinks, influences & takes action to give players the power to bring about change”

Sylvain Kastendeuch
UNFP Co-Chairman
They talk about it!

M. Debuchy

« When I go back to where I grew up, I can see it in the eyes of the people, especially the children. They are proud of what I have achieved. I am like a role model for them. So it’s my duty to do my very best, to inspire them positively through my attitude, and my actions.” »

L. Perrin

«It’s important that we, as players, are being committed. Off the pitch, we can also make a difference, we can convey messages, to try to bring some warmth and support to those who need it.»

B. Costil

«As professional footballers we are always in the spotlight. And sometimes, You start being afraid to commit to something, in case it might be misinterpreted. The UNFP’s stance on commitment to society reassured me, and gave me the confidence I needed to take that step forward. We all have a role to play.»

P. Baysse

«Being able to play football professionally is a rare privilege. Off the pitch, I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to make a real difference, and to accomplish some wonderful things that would benefit other people.»


The first achievements and the Positive Football® media platform will be unveiled soon!

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